How to Host Deticated Unturned Server on Linux

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Hello everyone! first of all. i wanna apologize about my service was down for a few months. i’m not gonna tell the whole reason ( who’s give a fuck ?) but i was in the middle of my school exams and i couldn’t fix the issues i had on the web server so i shutdown. and sadly all my data’s are gone! yay! but anyways i’m back and ill try my best to provide contents for y’all!

This content is updated! 2017/03/21

Based on RocketMod’s Script: This is very very basic step.


For Debian Users!

Quick Fix for: gmcs: Cannot find the specified file

Install the prerequisites (Shown in the recipe above)

from here you should have a user for the server

Copy the contents of the linux download in the root of the folder you want your Unturned 3 environment in

Start the server, pick any single word as unique instance name

To update Unturned & Rocket simply exit the server and the screen and start from step 2

## Issues on Linux, and how to solve them
My server crashes frequently or not so frequently during startup, runtime or shutdown.
The console becomes unresponsive and output freezes completely but it does forward console input to the server instance.
After being unresponsive for an unknown time period the server finally crashes with a SIGSEGV exception.
Downgrade from Mono v4.x.x to Mono v3.12.1
Ubuntu 16.04, 64-bit


Start Stop AutoUpdate etc


Yes. if you follow the github instruction your server should be fine!
And for my server i was using my own script then i decided to share with you all!
so on your own risk if you wanna take it here we go ↓

github link:

*Warning i assume that your have at least basic script experience ><

i still working on this shit so…… it might not work.

make sure you fix the permissions


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  1. Jimmy says:

    Man… great tutorial 😉

  2. Jimmy says:

    Will I have to port forward?

    1. Xyz says:

      Thank you! unturned use 3 ports the default is 27015 so if want to use 27015 open those 3 ports (27014 27015 27016)/udp

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