Sanic the asynchronous web framework for Python 3.5+

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Sup fellas! its me again 😀

have you guys ever heard about Sanic? No? well Sanic is Flask-like, uvloop-based web server that’s written to go fast. so since its aysnc it requires Python 3.5+.


asyncio is an asynchronous I/O framework shipping with the Python Standard Library. Thanks for the great job! well done!

Alright. now you guys see that its fast as f**k right? there’s one more thing that i liked its flask like!

so because its flask like syntax and everything i ported my entire project into sanic lol. i took about 2 week +

On top of being Flask-like, Sanic supports async request handlers. This means you can use the new shiny async/await syntax from Python 3.5, making your code non-blocking and speedy.


All tests were run on an AWS medium instance running ubuntu, using 1 process. Each script delivered a small JSON response and was tested with wrk using 100 connections. Pypy was tested for Falcon and Flask but did not speed up requests.

Server Implementation Requests/sec Avg Latency
Sanic Python 3.5 + uvloop 33,342 2.96ms
Wheezy gunicorn + meinheld 20,244 4.94ms
Falcon gunicorn + meinheld 18,972 5.27ms
Bottle gunicorn + meinheld 13,596 7.36ms
Flask gunicorn + meinheld 4,988 20.08ms
Kyoukai Python 3.5 + uvloop 3,889 27.44ms
Aiohttp Python 3.5 + uvloop 2,979 33.42ms
Tornado Python 3.5 2,138 46.66ms


this is hello world example.

Nice yeah ? if you liked then lets contribute! You can contribute and help build it!.

Read the docs!

Documentation on Readthedocs.

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